A little bit about what makes us different...

At Property Owners Services we offer services that are customized to your needs. We work with an array of clients . Some select us to manage their rentals, property management and housekeeping. Others work with an alternate rental company and we provide the management and housekeeping piece. Some clients own non-rental villas and homes and need property oversight and/or cleaning. Some clients only require housekeeping services or need repair services. We work with guests who require mid-stay cleanings during their stay. We provide storm or hurricane prep services. And as of May 2020, we have teamed up with Coastal Fogging to provide electrostatic spraying, desantizing, and fogging services.


Management and rental companies are common. Uncommon and rare is an unwaivering and tireless commitment to our clients and guests.We look at our work from an owner’s perspective. As an owner how would we want our home to be cared for? What judgment would we use in terms of planning, preventative maintenance, upkeep, and cost if this was our home? What sets us apart is our ability to customize each care plan for your property to fit your needs. We do not believe in one size fits all services. We do believe in punctuality, professionalism, transparency, and dependability. These cornerstones of trust are the foundations of our work.

We work Sundays. We work holidays. We answer our phones 365 days a year. We are here for emergencies. We know how important it is for you to rely on us.


We, at Property Owners Services, a boutique property management, housekeeping, and rental company, have been serving the Seabrook and Kiawah Island communities since 2010. Our client and guest relationships remain core.

Owner, Ann Brasco, purchased on Seabrook Island in 2013. In renting her own home as a vacation rental property, Ann learned much about what she wanted from a management company. She loves the people and the places of Seabrook & Kiawah and wants your experience, as an owner or as a guest, to be just as phenomenal. Ann has ample experience in the service industry – having previously owned a luxury transportation business, a wedding center, and managed commercial and vacation properties with success.

Ann's family has over four decades of property management and cleaning experience. Under her leadership, her team is fully committed to providing the highest level of excellence to you.

Ann is always a phone call or text away. Reach out at any time and please say hello if you see her around the island! When not at her desks or at your property, Ann can often be found writing (as her writings are seen in Oprah Magazine, The Seabrooker, Huff Post, Thrive Global, Mind Body Green, nj.com, and other sites). 

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Ann Brasco

Our standard we aim to exceed is what we would want and require for our own home.


Our Mission
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To provide detailed, quality service on a consistent basis that supports the individual and varying goals of our clients at pricing that is fair and timeliness that is responsive.


To support the talents of Johns Island community and beyond by offering a living wage and work conditions that support safety and family life to those who express an interest in work and a commitment to integrity.


To hold at the center of what we do, the standard for what we would want as owners and guests, and even what we would want as workers, and exemplify leadership through a  tireless commitment to service