Our Services 

It is our aim and our passion to provide our client and their guests with service that is punctual, dependable, consistent, and thorough. 

There are several property management companies. What matters is how we are a bit different:
We are truly a 24/7 business. Our office does not close at 5. We work evenings, Sundays, and holidays.


We are there when an issue arises. If you have a garbage disposal clog at 10pm, we are there to attend to it. A cable issue at midnight?? a leak on a holiday??- your guests can call us. We will resolve it. 

We care greatly. The standard of care we provide is what we would want for our own property. Prior to becoming full-time residents, we rented out our home before we made the move to the island full-time. We know the standards we would want met and we look to exceed those for our clients. 

Pricing matters. Our aim is provide services that are detailed and yet fairly priced. The service providers and specialists we work with are among the most professional. Our services are certainly not the most expensive but we believe they are of the greatest value. 

Let’s talk goals. We want to know your goals in the care of your home? What have you experienced issues with in past experience? What are your 1 year goals,3 and 5 year goals in caring for your home? Do you have small projects to be completed? Do you have landscaping that needs to be attended to? A car or LSV that needs to be started from time to time? How can we maximize rental appeal? We want to hear your story and be a part of your planning. 


We want to hear from you, in terms of your goals, and create a customized plan. 
For all our homes, we complete a monthly property management inspection. Air filters are checked and replaced. Light bulbs are checked. Smoke detector batteries are changed on a schedule. The grill is kept clean. We have found these inspections are invaluable in terms of preventative maintenance and in keeping the details of your property pristine. We also have found that communicating any issues to our owners is one of the most important parts of the rental-management process. We are your eyes and ears here. We firmly believe strong, detailed communication is essential. 

We coordinate repairs, assist in ordering new appliances, assemble furniture, can have packages delivered to us and brought to your property, and stock refrigerators. We will customize a plan to suit your needs. 

If a coffee maker stops working at 7am, we are there right away with a new one. More towels needed?…no problem. We do our best to accommodate your guests and our owners always!


We offer three (3) main types of cleaning. (The type of cleaning you will require depends on what the clean is for.) We also perform pos-construction cleans and emergency cleans. 

* STANDARD CLEAN Our cleaning prices include cleaning, rental supplies and during prime rental season., the linens. We provide our rental guests with ‘starter’ amenities which include a roll of paper towels, a kitchen sponge, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, soap, and small shampoos. We assess for any damage. Unlike many other services, included in the price is sweeping of porches and balconies and quick cleaning of grills.

* QUICK CLEAN If the property is unoccupied and sits empty for several weeks and does not require a full-cleaning, we may suggest a quick clean. We clean the floors and dust. We make sure sinks and toilets are ready for your guests. There is attention to detail but no laundry or heavy cleaning is involved.

* DEEP CLEAN Once or twice a year, we suggest a deep clean be performed. Details matter and the presentation of your home can impact whether a renter returns or recommends your property to others. Deep cleans involve cleaning the insides of drawers, tops of fans, behind all furniture, vents, and so much more. A deep clean generally takes three times as much time and effort to clean your property. Generally, a deep clean takes 3 times the amount of hours to complete all detailed tasks. 

Prior to a guest checking in, we inspect your property to make certain the property is ready for the arrival of your guests. We check that the property is thoroughly clean. We make certain TVs are working, inspect for light bulbs that may be out, dead bugs, cobwebs, etc. We adjust the temperature for your guests and we leave a light on, both inside and outdoors, for their arrival.

If you need us to attend to maintenance requests, meet contractors, or for any renter requests, we charge for our time at $30 per half hour. We do our best to make certain that this time is charged fairly and with generous consideration towards our clients. 

We do our best to work with repair persons and contractors who provide quality and timely service, and are fairly priced. We also have expanded our services to include painting, light landscaping, power washing, and other repair work. If there is additional work needed on your property, please let us know at 843.303.0030. 

The most important part of a plan is knowing what to expect. We aim for transparency and to tailor our work to your needs. We know personalities differ. Some owners prefer to know each step of everything being done while others want to our work to eliminate the need for micromanagement. We will work to meet the management style that works best for you. 

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